HOW TO MAKE A REALITY TV SHOW: Teachable Moments from MAFS Dinner Party 27/2/19

This is how to make a reality TV show:


SUMMARY: Take a young woman (Cyrell) with a known history of trauma who has a propensity to aggression. Knowing that this same woman is desperately trying to change, put her in a situation where she is almost guaranteed to fail. Watch her be betrayed, abandoned and crushed. She will physically shake and pick at her nails - displaying obvious signs of a near panic attack, but persist anyway. Cue health professionals to watch this happen and, at times, apparently delight in the drama of it.

Producer: Hey Jessika, you’re obviously not going to root Mick again and probably only did in the first place because Mike told you to, so if you want to stay on the show – think of your Insta Jessie­ - you better find another husband. Cyrell lost the plot this week – why don’t you go for Nick? Sure, you’ve shown ZERO interest in him before and it really MAKES NO SENSE, but fuck it, would be great TV if Cyrell threw a punch at you. We’d look after you, of course.


Jessika: Hey Nick, wanna leave Cyrell for me?

 Nick: No thanks. (crowd applauds)


 Producer: Bummer. At least you’ll get some abuse – sorry, interest – on socials. What about one of the new ones? That bloke with the square head is pretty hot? And even if he knocks you back, I reckon his missus will arc right up if you put the word on him.

Jessika: Do I get to stay then? My profile is really building now.

 Producer: Of course you do, sweetheart.

Health Professionals: Well, this is interesting. Women tearing each other apart is an essential part of any social experiment.

Producer: Good point. Someone write that down - I can’t say “ratings bonanza” or the femo’s will go mental.