No More MAFS Blogs... and here's why

No More MAFS Blogs!

While I think it's very important to engage in mainstream culture, I've decided not to blog about MAFS anymore.


1. If you're watching it with teens, please help them watch it critically. If my blogs have helped that, I'm very pleased but I don't think I'll have anything new to add - the same patterns will no doubt continue.

2. I don't want to inadvertently encourage anyone to watch.

3. The show is actively and callously damaging the mental health of the contestants.

4. The "experts" - who are HEALTH PROFESSIONALS - are gaslighting the contestants - and audience.

5. Blogging is free and mama gotta pay the bills πŸ˜„


I include a screen shot of Sara's Insta message. This is both "interesting" and "credible" because Sara was the "hero" of the last season (not the "villain") and therefore has absolutely no reason to fabricate or embellish.


No judgement on anyone watching, but my blogging on MAFS is done. I may now move onto DWTS. Watch this space.

To the people who privately contacted me saying the blog and article had helped them in some way - especially with leaving or staying out of abusive relationship - thank you. It's such an overused phrase, but I really am humbled to hear that.

Much love,
Nelly x