Shows for Schools

Nelly is regular performer in school settings - to students, teachers and parents. In addition to regularly running comedy writing and performance workshops, and performing at teacher and parent events, Nelly works with with young people of all ages in school settings. Some of her shows include:

The Talk Live: a show for parents and carers about how to have "THE TALK" with their kids about sex and relationships.

The No Means No Show: a show for adolescents about healthy and respectful relationships.

The Condom Dialogues: a show for adolescents about safe sex.

Mentally Funny: a show for adults (can be adapted for teens) about mental health and wellbeing.

Growing Up a Girl: a show for young women about issues facing young women and girls.


Audience Evaluation comments from the Condom Dialogues:

"Because it is funny, everyone is more open" (age 14)
"I've learnt heaps of stuff. It's better than sitting in classrooms!" (age 14)
"Enjoyed it very much ... it was funny." (age 16)
"Entertaining and hilarious ... my behaviour [concerning safe sex] will now change." (age 17)
"Brilliant!" (age 18)

"Thank you so much for your performance at the SCAP conference.  It was pitched perfectly and everyone loved it - not to mention hilarious.  Such a great way to finish the first day and it put everyone in high spirits for the remainder of the conference."

Paulua Teggelove, The 2011 School Psychologists and Counsellors Conference

"Nelly was the keynote speaker at our parent information night. She was very easy to work with in the planning stages and quickly tuned into the themes of the evening about body image and healthy eating. On the night Nelly was terrific, easily engaging all members of the audience. She had them all laughing and relaxed as she romped through the issues to consider."

Jenny Taaffe, School Nurse, Maribyrnong Secondary College