THE TALK: An information session for parents and carers about sexual health

 In this highly acclaimed show, Nelly goes into school and other communities and talks to parents about how to have The Talk with kids and adolescents about the birds and the bees and what's below the knees.

Everyone dreads this conversation but Nelly promises she can help!

The show is based on Nelly’s ground-breaking sexual health and ethics DVD The Talk and is fun, informative and light-hearted. it covers:

  • Physical safe sex

  • Emotional safe sex

  • Culture and society

  • Tips and tricks for getting the conversation happening

  • Follow-up resources for parents including an information sheet, referral information and access to Nelly's monthly newsletter with learning opportunities and other relevant info

The Talk goes for approx 60 minutes mins followed by a Q&A with Nelly, the local school nurse (or counsellor) and the parents. There are separate versions for Primary and Secondary schools or a longer, combined session is possible.

This session is available for individual bookings by schools or health services and is a great way to get the parents involved in their kids’ health.