A funny presentation by Nelly that is designed for young women about growing up a girl.

It covers all the big issues – body image, name calling, sexualisation, self esteem, puberty, feeling good about yourself, media & culture – in a funny, age-appropriate and heart-felt way.

School groups often invite the mums/carers along too which makes the event even more powerful for the school community.

"Thanks so much Nelly ... According tothe girls you were ‘laugh out loud hilarious’. I have received so many emails and comments from mums and the women that attended the breakfast saying what a fantastic program launch it was... I loved the way you were so hilariously funny yet delivered a very powerful message to our girls and their mums about growing up, relationships and  acceptance of themselves. We could not have had a more perfect person launch the program." Nadia Bettio, Principal, Delacombe Primary School