Rock Bottom: the experts light the gas (from their arses)

Teachable moments from MAFS “Commitment Ceremony” 24 Feb 2019

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 10.35.15 pm.png

Yes, you saw what I saw: Heidi tried to trust her gut and leave a clearly toxic gaslighter (Mike) who likes a little less conversation, a little more action AND THE EXPERTS TALKED HER OUT OF IT.

Judge away, but I have watched every episode of every season of this asbestos-laden show, and I have never seen John Aitkin go so hard on a participant.

And surprise! That participant happens to be a vulnerable woman trying to leave a man who has so many red flags popping up around him, he may as well be a Life Guard.

I didn’t think the Experts could get any worse! They have previously called Heidi “needy” - that means she likes some talking and not just sex. WHAT A MOLE.

GASLIGHTING 101 copy.jpg

They’ve also said she has trust issues - WELL SHE CERTAINLY DOES NOW.

And tonight, they out-did themselves by actively talking her out of her own feelings - SOUND FAMILIAR?

If we didn’t know it already, tonight’s show confirms that the experts on MAFS have done more damage to the caring professions than Judge Judy has done to the law.

Let’s move onto Ines, Sam, Bronson and Elizabeth.

There’s two sides to every story, and ONE OF THEM IS WRONG.

Sam is a liar and emotionally abusive to Elizabeth.

He even tried to shame and blame her to the very last word by saying her week away was the reason his penis went rogue.

This would have been an excellent time for John and the smiling ladies on the couch to CALL HIM OUT. But…. crickets.

Maybe they were feeling guilty because they’ve actively participated in the destruction of Lizzy’s self esteem. Side note: If you want a visual of how emotional abuse can affect a human, see this.

And Bronson. Dear Bronson. Why didn’t anyone call Ines out for belittling and humiliating him? And why didn’t anyone - other than, ironically, Ines - congratulate him for his conduct? At no stage did he respond to any of this humiliation or rejection with threats or even bitterness. Kudos to him for smashing the Hulk stereotype (pun intended). He may be one of the only grown-ups on the show.


I suppose there was some other interesting stuff that happened tonight, but who can be bothered? I’m so depressed I’m doing a Lizzy and am about to tuck into a jumbo-sized jar of Nutella, just to cleanse my rancid MAFS palette.


I’ll also set this picture to both Home and Lock Screen, just so I can wake up with some hope for humanity.

Honestly, someone save me from myself.

Nelly x