Teachable moments from MAFS "Commitment Ceremony" 10/2/19

First things first: Mel Shilling (registered psychologist πŸ˜₯) calling out Bronson for saying "c*&t", is not a feminist act.

Do not let your teens think that is what feminism is - at best, it is a caricature.

Whether you like the word or not, the sum total of feminism is not word-policing. It is far more nuanced than that and to suggest otherwise is to diminish the real power and heart behind this movement that I love so much.

Feminism MUST involve the active and deliberate deconstruction of rigid gender roles - that are toxic for women AND men - and to promote TRUE respect.


Ines has screamed at Bronson to "shut the fuck up".
She has called him "filthy".
She has told him to "man up".
She has deliberately and systematically tried to humiliate him.
She has bullied and abused him.
She has demonstrated a PATTERN of abusive behaviour.

"Family violence is behaviour that is threatening, coercive, physically or sexually abusive; emotionally or psychologically abusive; economically abusive; and is intended to dominate or control, causing fear."

See victorian definition here: http://www5.austlii.edu.au/…/l…/vic/consol_act/fvpa2008283/…

Bronson even went so far as to say to the experts that he was normally happy and upbeat, but was now feeling miserable after one week with Ines.

If a client said that in a psych session, any decent and ethical psychologist would be asking about verbal abuse; yet not one of the "experts" raised it and or stepped in to defend him (or admonish her).

I am quite literally stunned that the experts retain their professional registration but sadly, this is mirrored in real life.

The way they behaved tonight is analogous to a surgeon leaving a pair of scissors in your guts and sewing it back up. N.E.G.L.I.G.E.N.T.

Other notes:

If the experts really want to engage in the sisterhood, they would tell Elizabeth and Heidi to both run (and not in the mornings to lose weight).

The experts have ZERO right to use the word RESPECT. Among other things, they sat there tonight and bullied and manipulated a vulnerable guy (Matt) into talking about losing his virginity on television. He made it VERY CLEAR he did not want to talk about it. Even unqualified teenagers can understand that NO means NO.

Jules, Cam and Mel are HEAVEN.

Lauren is adorable.

Elizabeth and Bronson should get married and have little drag queen /drag king babies and start a Burlesque troupe.

And I am now off to meditate with Dino. And no, I don't care that he was also once a stripper (did they have a sale on?).

Nelly x