Married at First Sight Australia: Episode One

Teachable Moments from last night's Married at First Sight:

1. Emotional abuse is violence, even if it comes from a person with a VJJ

2. Having a hard childhood is worthy of empathy and compassion, it is not an excuse for being cruel to others or, for abusive behaviour


3. None of these things are acceptable: belittling someone's job, telling someone what they can and can't wear (including jewellery), putting the person down to your friends and family, "testing" someone by being mean and seeing how they'll react, using sexuality (last night, in the form of a pash) to make someone feel uncomfortable and/or test their reaction

4. Yelling at someone at telling them to shut-up is controlling & threatening - even if they are 50kg lighter than you they can still make you scared

5. Ines' behaviour isn't "rude" it's abusive.

There is not an abuser alive who does not have a sad story to tell about why they behave how they do.

Tell your kids you can feel compassion for someone without agreeing to be their girlfriend/boyfriend.

There is no excuse for abuse.

Nelly x