“Nelly Thomas is the best MC we've ever had at one of our conferences.” Betty Kitchener, CEO, Mental Health First AID Australia (MHFA)

 “Nelly Thomas is the gold standard of comedy.” Diana Price, Convener - Women Barristers Association

Nelly Thomas has fifteen years experience as a presenter, key-note speaker, facilitator and MC in corporate, NGO and community settings.

Her testimonials speak to the quality of her work and to why she's in such great demand.

Her background is varied (see her CV) and given her media and other experience as a commentator - where she is often called upon to discuss news, current affairs, health and cultural issues - she is happy to tackle almost any subject.

Nelly prides herself on tailoring her material to the specific gig and setting and alll her gigs are throughly researched and professionally delivered.

Nelly is particularly sought-after for events and audiences that require a respectful and intelligent but irreverent tone.

She's presented for Judges, Magistrates, Health Workers, Childcare workers, Local Councils, Policy Makers, Politicians, Academics, general public and even once, at a Hen's Night (never again). She genuinely likes all sorts of people and her clients attest to the fact that she's easy to work with and professional.

Nelly has a particular passion for women's health, children's and adolescent health and social change for healthy communities and is sought after for her presentations on health and well-being.

She is an avid anti-violence campaigner and has extensive experience in sectors working toward ending family violence.


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Nelly’s inspiring presentation The Bigotry of Low Expectations could not have been more on-point. Her humorous approach served only to reinforce the seriousness of this topic and affirm the importance of our work in the most entertaining way.
Nelly is a consummate professional who took the time to understand what we were about and did not simply regurgitate old gags. Her performance, and the audience’s resulting enjoyment, spoke for themselves and I could not recommend her more highly as a guest speaker.
— Kylee Bates, CEO, Ardoch Youth Foundation


Funny and engaging presentation on valuing the contribution women make to workplaces, family & communities. And a reminder to women to look after themselves. Suitable for International Women's Day or any organisations employing large numbers of women.

The Voice of the Child

60 minute presentation about really listening to children - words, body language, actions, eyes. Suitable for anyone who works with children.

 Work life balance

Do you have work-life balance? Does anyone? In this hilarious presentation, Nelly asks us all to sort out our priorities while also recognising that it's much easier than the wellbeing gurus would have us believe. (Note: she won't tell you off for skipping Hot Yoga.) 

The bigotry of low expectations

Nelly recently gave the annual Ardoch Youth Foundation Address and chose the topic of expectations of young people, especially those from marginalised backgrounds. Nelly had humble beginnings and has worked extensively with marginalised kids and believes children most often rise - and fall - to our expectations of them. A personal and heartwarming presentation about not underestimating any child.


Personal and humorous presentation about looking after your mental health. This topic doesn't have to be so heavy or taboo! Most Australian's will be touched by a mental health crisis in some way in their life and Nelly believes we may as well talk about it.

Growing up a Girl

A 60 minute presentation (can be extended) for girls and young women about believing in yourself, backing yourself and taking care of yourself. The aim: to produce strong, capable, kind and independent women. 

Gender Equity

Nelly does a great key-note about questioning rigid gender roles and valuing the contributions of everyone equally. Not preachy or judgemental, it asks audience members to question their own preconceived ideas of "men/boys" and "women/girls" and to free themselves - and others - from them.

The Talk

90-120 minute presentation on how to talk to teens about relationships, consent, puberty and all the stuff we know we need to discuss but are scared to tackle.

In recognition of her contribution to health promotion, in 2016 Nelly was announced as the Official Ambassador Jean Hailes Women's Health, Australia's leading women's health organisation. She accepted this role with great pride.

In recognition of her contribution to health promotion, in 2016 Nelly was announced as the Official Ambassador Jean Hailes Women's Health, Australia's leading women's health organisation. She accepted this role with great pride.