A funny presentation about mental health and wellbeing

Discussion of mental health issues in Australia is finally happening and Nelly is passionate about using her comedic and communication skills to encourage people to smash the taboos and get everything on the table!

"The feedback has been amazing and we’re still receiving comments about the morning.   From my perspective I think it was that wonderful balance between your penchant for the comedic lens and the absolute seriousness of the subject – not an easy task but so well delivered – thank you for that." Sandra George, Manager, South East Business Networks, City of Greater Dandenong









She is refreshingly honest and pen about her own struggles with depression and anxiety and refuses to take on the shame associated with treatments from counselling to anti-depressants to lifestyle changes. Audiences are sometimes surprised to hear Nelly has had her own struggles with mental health given that she's a confident & public personality, but of course, that's the point! This issue affects us all.

Nelly approaches the subject of mental health and wellbeing with the same candour and good humour as she does all her work - this is definitely not a depressing (pardon the pun) presentation about how hard her life has been - it  is empowering, uplifting and really connects with all of us who may struggle to stay on an even keel 100% of the time (that is, pretty much everyone).

It is also important to note that Nelly grew up in a very small country town and knows only too well the taboos about discussing mental health that still exist in rural areas in particular. She is very well suited to working with country audiences and has had enormous success breaking through the "insider/outsider" dynamic that sometimes exists there.



Nelly has done presentations about mental health and wellbeing to the following groups (among others):

  • Orygen Youth Health

  • Headspace

  • Mental Health First Aid Australia

  • Dandenong City Council

  • Darebin City Council

  • Mental Health NSW

  • Various individual community health services