One of Nelly's passions is combining health promotion messages with comedy. She passionately believes that health promotion is best delivered in a well-researched and intelligent but entertaining and non-judgemental way.  

With sensitivity, difficult topics can be addressed in plain language, with humour and without being preachy or boring.

Nelly offers live shows on a range of issues - from adolescent sexual health to mental health to women's health and Indigenous Health - and finds that these and other hard-to-talk-about issues can opened up when people feel comfortable and have a laugh.

In the early stages of her career, Nelly focussed on young people - especially their sexual health - and has well over a decade's experience offering comedy health promotion shows in schools and other youth settings. These days she prefers to focus more on the adults who work and care for young people and adult health in general.

Nelly is a highly sought-after key-note speaker (see her TESTIMONIALS here) and MC in health circles and regularly trusted to speak to various groups.