“The feedback we have received about the event has been absolutely overwhelming. The only complaints were that people had sore stomachs from laughing so hard on the night. Such sensitive topics are generally difficult to discuss, in utilising comedy as a method of delivering such messages, you all did a clever and remarkable job.” Alicia Peardon, Barwon Health Foundation

After 5 sell-out seasons at the Royal Women's Hospital Nelly decided to offer this show for touring or one-off events.

The show is hosted by Nelly and features a number of well-known female comedians. These have included Judith Lucy, Denise Scott, Tanya Losanno, Lauren Duong, Kelly Nash and others.

The show goes for approximately 2 hours (with a break in the middle) and takes a holistic view of women's health.

It is perfect for a community event to bring women together and covers everything from safer sex, emotional health, disease prevention, mental health, osteoporosis, the cost of health-care, alternative medicine, CALD access to health care, continence, alcohol and drugs, and much, much more. 




RWH did extensive evaluations of the show. Over 300 audience members submitted comments, here are some:

"My brain is squishy from laughing so much"
"A great selection of performers and comedians who have shown knowledge in health related areas that concern all women - excellent work"
"Laughed till tears ran down my eyes"
"Most fun I've had in forever"
"More comedy nights are what we need. It helps relieve the stress of the day to day life as a worker mum etc"
"Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant"
"Thank you so much for a great, informative, intelligent, witty and uplifting event... can't wait for more"